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Gretchen Handbag News

Spring/Summer 2009 marks the United States launch of Gretchen, the innovative European handbag and leather collection quickly gaining international popularity. For designer Anne Hofmann, leatherwork is over a century old family tradition and Gretchen, launched in 2006, a subsequent step. Click to read more.

Fall 2008 Handbag Trends – Growing Up and Looking Great

By Mira Lotfallah, Paris

In a world where we are dominated by structure, it is liberating to allow at least our fashion to be unrestrained and free of these constraints.  However, direct from a season where loose and flowing little dresses defied the telling hands of time and large slouchy bags were all the rage, the sartorial powers that be seem to be hinting at us all that it is indeed time to grow up, or at least to give off such an air until the next trend rolls around.

Wide leg pants are slowly replacing our skinny jeans and leggings, and short jackets and blouses give a professional air and long lines, and our handbags are keeping in line with this look. But luckily there are a few trends hanging on from past seasons as well as great new ones that will allow you to give a powerful punch to your wardrobe and choose between becoming that elusive grown up and keeping that youthful air about you. Here are a few of fall’s choicest trends that will keep the bag-lover in us all fabulous and fashionable:

  1. Structure – form and function take on a sophisticated and professional air, replacing the relaxed look of the past with big, floppy totes. Large and lending a polished look to the carrier, the structured handbag is one worth making an investment as it falls into the classic category, and you’re sure to find some treasures in vintage shops or your grandmother’s closet! Think classic Birkin, or the Giambattista Valli bag that combines structure and patent leather to luscious perfection, and with the right eye you can find the right structure that fits within any budget.

  2. Metallic -- No need to abandon your metallics from last season just yet, or if you were hesitating you still have time, as they are as hot as ever and a great accessory to add a little glam to your wardrobe.

  3. Bold Colors – Some fashion rules are certainly dead, and the days of diligently matching your bags to your shoes are long gone. Brighten up your winter days with a bag that really pops and allow it to be the center of attention, like with the talk of the town fiery patent Lanvin.

  4. Exotic skins – While the price tag is as, um, luxurious, as the product itself, there is no denying the exquisite appeal and quality of a crocodile, ostrich or python handbag that have made it so desirable. The YSL Python Rive Gauche has become one of the most enviable handbags and a popular celebrity arm accoutrement.

  5. Studs and Chains – Beware of hardware overkill, but just the right amount can give you just the edge you’re looking for while maintaining an element of chic and glam, and no one does this look better than the boys of Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs.

  6. Clutch – The venerable clutch remains a favorite for a night out on the town or an easy day out when you want to give your shoulders a break from your gargantuan sacs. Quilted, folded, pleated, or patent – whatever your choice, a classy air is the result.

  7. Patent – Who says winter has to be dull? Let your accessories shine with patent leather handbags in any shape, size, and color.

Designer Handbag Perspectives - Resolve Your Style

By Mira Lotfallah, Paris

With the New Year in full swing many of us may have lost our ambitions to pursue those lofty resolutions that seemed so attainable when the slate was clean. The momentum of the first week settled into the routine of the second and suddenly, as life got in the way, you realized there was never really anything wrong with the way you were last year. Who says you can’t make changes throughout the year anyways? But while your more noble expectations of yourself may have fizzled, chances are your hedonistic tendencies run strong. Why not take advantage of that and make a different set of resolutions - a style resolution - including which bag you’d like to have perched on your shoulder by the time next year rolls around.

As we see some rather questionable trends take their latest fashion victims, resolve to let your individual style flourish and be appreciated as you stick to pieces that are uniquely you rather than what is simply a fad of the moment (i.e. the clear plastic handbag, supposedly inspired by recent airport security measures, where for a small fortune one can publicly display all of her personal effects and feminine products right next to the glowing designer label. I ask you, is nothing sacred anymore?).

So as you reflect upon what you covet most for 2007, remember to let it be an extension of your personality. Are you a Chanel girl through and through – all class, refinement, and sophistication…mostly black and white with a touch of color every now and again? Or are you a little bolder, aiming for elegance but with a statement? Maybe you could go for a little Italian, and perhaps Fendi or Francesco Biasia is for you. If you are undeniably chic, with an eye for unique detail, try Donald J Pliner or Luella Bartley. So while the rest of the world plods after whatever is left of their champagne inspired aspirations, you can bask in your reveries of a stylish new you, spun from a resolution that you’ll actually want to keep.

Designer Handbag Review: Fendi Women's Spy Handbag, Light Cognac

I spy luxury, class, style. I spy Rodeo Drive, Avenue des Champs Elys ées, Fifth Avenue. The Fendi Spy is more than an accessory, it is a statement. Gone are the days when a handbag was an overlooked and under styled accoutrement whose purpose served only to cart around your lipstick and credit cards. Today it holds something far more valuable, your confidence, and doesn’t that deserve the very best?

Woman of all ages have been clamoring to get their hands on this bag for over a year now, a testament to the fact that the well established Italian brand has succeeded in transcending the trend market. Soft supple leather beautifully designed by one of the fashion world’s greatest icons, the Spy adds grace and panache to any outfit and turns heads the instant it is hung from your arm. As you step outside and see eyes turn green with envy you perk up and smile to yourself with that beautiful contentment a lady feels as she realizes she has found the joy of a great investment, a new best friend, a killer makeover, and a fabulous lover all wrapped up in a pretty little package swinging from her arm. To have and to hold, the Spy is here to stay.

This light cognac Nappa leather and signature Fendi Zucca Spy bag with braided handles is a perfect accent to the little black cocktail dress and swathing pashmina cloaked around your shoulders. It may not be your date for the night, but you sure do make a great match as it perches high on the arm of the leather club chair that engulfs you, cigar smoke wafting in the air around as you toss your head back and laugh at a joke, sip your cognac, and think how perfect your new beige pants will look with it.

Designer Handbag Review: Burberry Women's Handbag - Camel

Burberry has brushed the mothballs off their tartan and taken their brand from stuffy country to trendy upscale urban in a matter of a mere decade, revitalizing their image without ever abandoning their signature style. They revolutionized the trench coat, and never before have rainy days been so eagerly anticipated as beautiful women everywhere can stylishly cavort in the streets in all their nova lined, double breasted, waist cinched glory.

The label’s power struggle in the UK with the notorious chav and his overzealous use of counterfeit plaid (“Aye! ‘tis right classy innit!” ) has inspired a new line of handbags that represents the modern image for a clientele that understands that wearing the Burberry check, much like spandex, is a privilege and not a right, and should be done in moderation. This camel leather drawstring handbag with silver accents is like the brand itself, luxurious, sophisticated and chic. It can add a touch of refinement to your favorite pair of jeans, or if it happens to be raining it could still be a perfect partner to your Burberry raincoat, scarf or umbrella without being excessive.